Long, straight hair, especially on older women, can make the face look shorter. If you feel like this is happening to you, add some curls to your long hair.

1. Long Hair with Curls

Straight, long hair is hard to pull off no matter how old you are. Curls are a great way to make long hair work for you, but they can take a long time to do,

2. Straight and Face-Framing

If you like your long hair but think it looks boring, you might want to get bangs to update your look. Bangs are a great way to update any haircut.

3. Long Hair with Bangs

The shape and thickness of your hair can change as you get older. The best way to give your hair life and bounce again is to add layers.

4. Medium Layered Cut

Medium-length hair with bangs is a style that never goes out of style and always looks great. This style is flexible and easy to take care of. 

5. Medium Length with Bangs

You should try a bob haircut, which is beautiful and very in style. This style is between a bob haircut and a standard medium-length hairstyle. It is modern and stylish.

6. Lob

The short pixie cut is popular among women over 50. Halle Berry and Kris Jenner both have it. This cut is fun, stylish, and a little bit flirty.

7. Choppy Pixie

Classics are always the best, and a sleek bob haircut is a classic. This style never goes out of style and is always chic and attractive. 

8. Classic Sleek Bob

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