What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Hair

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Everyone knows you are a natural leader.  Your bravery and lack of fear are known.  People like you because you have a lot of charisma and you're not afraid to start things. 


You are very sweet and kind, but you are also a force to be reckoned with. You like things to be the same, so when you find a style you like, you keep using it.


Wow, Gemini! You're like two different women in one.  Lively and interesting, you can easily switch from talking about politics to talking about famous people. 


You're a natural alpha, but your sensitivity and shyness can sometimes make you hard to spot in a crowd.  You want a look that shows off how feminine you are.


When you walk into a room, everyone knows you are there right away.  Your personality is so strong and big that you can do almost anything with your hair.  You have no fear and are brave, like a lion. 


A Virgo is someone who is very smart, has great intuition, and strives for perfection.  And there's nothing wrong with that either. You love to look beautiful and put together. 


Your charisma and soft charm make people want to be around you.  You like to take your time when you groom yourself because it makes you feel good to have a routine.


Scorpios are dangerous because they are both mysterious and attractive. They are exotic and attractive, but sometimes they can be moody.  You're brave, intense, and full of passion.


You enjoy life, with all its ups and downs.  You can do a lot of different things and have a lot of spirit, so you need a style that shows this off.  You want to show everyone how happy, silly, and carefree you are.


You don't worry about making goals for yourself, and when you do, you take them very seriously.  You are well-mannered, responsible, strong, and ready for anything, and it shows in everything you do.


You are very creative, whether you paint, write, or just daydream. How creative your mind is shows in everything you do.  You feel free, and you're always up for a new adventure.


Girl, you have a lot of secrets!  You have a lot of feelings and ideas, and they come out in the things you love to do, like singing, dancing, and drawing. You are always looking for depth.


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