Top 5 Beauty Rules Women Over 50 Should Follow in 2023

A new year is a chance to start over, make better choices, and feel more confident than ever. which is why your beauty routine should be up to snuff. 

Powder and putting on a lot of product are out of style. 2023 is the year of "no makeup" makeup and glowing skin.


Moisturize to wake up your skin and make your base smooth so that your foundation and concealer go on better. It's easier to cover up flaws when your skin is hydrated.

More SPF, Please

Make 2023 the year you always wear SPF, whether it's sunny or cloudy. Putting on sunscreen can slow down the signs of aging and stop your skin from becoming less flexible. 

Pass on Powder

As we get older, our skin gets drier, and powder products can make wrinkles stand out more. If you want to look younger, choose a liquid foundation .

Blushing Beauty

Putting a little blush on your cheeks makes your skin look fresh and young. Just keep in mind that less is more. We suggest liquid blush, so you can blend out seamlessly.

Brighten Up

It's a must that you show off your best qualities. Putting a little highlighter on the high points of your face, like your cheekbones, will make your skin look brighter. 

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