These are officially the
8 most popular hairstyles on Instagram right now

Searches for "fishtail plait," which is a braid with thinner pieces of hair that meet in the middle, are at 18,200. Impressive. 

Fishtail Plait

Should you let them grow out or think about getting a fringe? If you want to frame your face with hair, long bangs are the way to go.

Long Bangs

It turns out that we're not the only ones who like bubble ponies. At the moment, there are 25,500 searches for "bubble hair." 

Bubble Ponytail

Thinking about a chop? We love this choppy, textured bob by famous hairstylist Kristin.

Choppy Bob

This year, the modern shag haircut went viral on TikTok, so much so that 33,823 people are looking for it right now. 

Modern Shag

People who look for "one length" hair make the list because sometimes easy is best.

One Length

You just can't beat a French braid. This big one down below is really pretty.

French Plait

Asymmetrical bobs remind us of the best hairstyles of the 2000s, but it turns out they're still popular, with 73,946 searches.

Asymmetrical Bob

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