The Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

the best haircut will be one that is just as bold and beautiful. With delicate florals to add all the right feels, these dramatic curls will show how much you care about  love.

Aries: Dramatic Curls

Taurus, you want a haircut that is as steady as you are. You'll dance or at least listen to the live band until dawn.

Taurus: Pulled Back With A Braid

Gemini, you are a passionate person with many different sides. So, a haircut that does a little bit of everything is just what the doctor ordered. 

Gemini: The Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is a work of art, Cancer, just like a drawing or a picture. You always seem so interested in art. Maybe you draw a little or just to walk around museums. 

Cancer: The Artistic Top Knot

On your wedding day, Leo, this is your chance to shine. Your haircut and maybe your dress should be the only things that make a big deal.

Leo: Something With Sparkle

You're not very outgoing, Virgo. You want a hairstyle that shows a bit of your sensible side and doesn't cause too much trouble. So, according to the stars, keep  sweet.

Virgo: Something Short

Libra, you love peace and getting along with others. Your wedding won't be very exciting, so your haircut shouldn't be either. 

Libra: Long And Loose Curls

You often think about your wedding day, so when the stars told you they had already chosen your haircut, it didn't come as a big surprise.

Scorpio: A Fishtail Braid

Put your hair up, Sagittarius. On your wedding day, you might want to be able to do whatever makes you feel the most beautiful. 

Sagittarius: A Perfect Ponytail

you have a lot of class. You always choose quality over number, which is why you don't need a thousand curls in your hair to show how much you care.

Capricorn: A Low 'Do With A Delicate Hairpiece

Play a song by The Lumineers, because Aquarius, you'll have flowers in your hair for your wedding. You don't have to be going to a Lana del Rey show .

Aquarius: A Flower Crown

Water signs should have flowing hairstyles like these beach waves with a braid. This effortless style is every bride's best friend, like a low-key up 'do.

Pisces: Beach Waves With A Braid

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