The Hairstyle You Should Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries looks good with almost any haircut. You're not afraid to take bigger risks in life, and that includes doing something drastic to your beautiful hair.

Aries: Pixie

Taurus, you like tried-and-true classics, and when you get a new look, you want it to match your simple but elegant taste.

Taurus: French Bob

You are friendly, charming, and always on the go, so your haircut should reflect that. You're not afraid to make big choices and change things up now and then.

Gemini: Fresh Blowout

You're emotional, kind, sensitive, and nice. Everyone who knows you feels warm, comfortable, and safe around you, so you need a haircut that shows off your soft, sweet side. 

Cancer: Romantic Waves

Nothing you do in life is easy or understated, because you were born to be the center of attention. As the star of the zodiac, you want a hairstyle that gets people's attention and makes a statement.

Leo: '90s Supermodel Hair

because they work hard, pay attention to details, and are very careful. You're one of the more reasonable signs, and when it comes to your hair, you don't like to try new things or act on the spot. 

Virgo: The Collarbone Cut

Libra, you are always on the go. You are friendly, outgoing, and driven. Venus, the planet of beauty and style, is your ruler. You are known for having a good eye for details and great taste.

Libra: Sweet and Wispy Fringe

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Cancer: Romantic Waves

Cancer: Romantic Waves

Cancer: Romantic Waves

Cancer: Romantic Waves

Cancer: Romantic Waves

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