The Best Short Haircuts for Brunettes


 When you have light skin and dark hair, the difference between them makes a shorter cut stand out more than when you have light hair and skin.

A Great Edgy Cut

Ginnifer Goodwin, who is an actress, often knows great fast cuts. She looks beautiful with this short cut and long, side-swept bangs.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Here, actress Ginnifer Goodwin wears her hair slicked to the side, which makes it look more elegant and great for a night out.

Going Long

If you thought Ginnifer Goodwin always wore pixie cuts, you were wrong. This cute bob shows off her face shape, and the curls in the front make it look sexy and sleek.

A Cool Shag Haircut

This choppy shag haircut is a little bit risky, but actress Renee Smith rocks it with confidence. It's a little longer than most, and with her heart-shaped face, it looks great.

Short Curls Are Great

Some people might say you can't cut your curls short, but you can. Short wavy haircuts can be hard to take care of, but the Italian singer Carmen Consoli's thick.

The Classic, Cute Pixie

This short pixie cut is standard and easy to care for and let grow out. It makes the actress Valorie Curry look even younger than she already does.

Highlights for the Eye Pop

It's an easy addition to a new cut that can really stand out, especially when it's layered in such beautiful shades of brown.

The Brown Bob

Most the time, women with naturally straight hair look best with this brown bob. Even though she usually has shoulder-length hair, actor Jessica Stroup sure knows how to rock short hair.

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