The Best 9 Zodiac sign Makeup for Your Sun sign

Deep and rich dark red lipstick will make you stand out. Keep your face simple to balance out the color, and finish off your eyes with a classic winged eyeliner look. Add a lot of mascara to give your lashes.

1. Aries makeup look

Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder to find a makeup that matches your skin tone perfectly. Add a touch of peach blush and a soft highlighter to give your face a sun-kissed look.

2. Taurus makeup look

Use bright eyeshadow colors to make your eyes stand out, and if you want to go the extra mile, finish with a bold eyeliner style. Put on a pink lipstick and go crazy with the colors that don't match.

3. Gemini makeup look

Shimmery, glittery makeup is ideal for this kind sign. Silver eyeshadow gives your eyes a dreamy look. Brown eyeliner on your waterline highlights your icy lids. Finish with a lengthening mascara. Add pink blush to your pale, dreamy eyes.

4. Cancer makeup look

Use a bronzer to enhance warmth and contour your cheekbones to make them look sculpted. To go dramatic, use highlighter over a satin or creamy matte lipstick on the lips. Peach and terracotta cheeks are better than pink and red.

5. Leo makeup look

Use a dewy primer to give your skin a glow and a lightweight foundation to keep your base perfect. Enhance your natural beauty with blush and contour.

6. Virgo makeup look

To achieve this look, blend liquid highlighter with foundation. For a natural flush, use light pink blush. To enhance Libra makeup, apply pink eyeshadow to the lids and a sparkly highlight to the inner corners.

7. Libra makeup look

Use a dark black kajal to make a bold circle around your eyes. To make this zodiac sign look even stronger, smoke out the lower lash line as well. Use a volumizing mascara to get thick, dramatic lashes, and finish off your eye makeup with strong brows.

8. Scorpio makeup look

Make the eye makeup more interesting by drawing on some glittery lines with eyeliner. By making a smooth, flat base, you can make the wild colors look more even. Set your makeup and concealer with a thin layer of powder to make them last longer and reduce shine.

9. Sagittarius makeup look

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