The 8Best Haircut Trends for Women

This one-length cut that goes to the chin is back in first place. It's still the best way to deal with thin, fine hair. If you cut off thin strands and inches that don't do anything, your hair will look thicker and healthy right away.

1. The classic bob

If you can't let go of your long hair (even though you should), you can settle for a long bob, or LOB. This blunt cut that comes up to the neck is the most flattering longish length for women over 50.

2. The blunt LOB

Layers create movement in this stylish bob. It's not the shag cut (No. 4). It's a bob (chin to middle of the neck) with layers and textured ends to provide volume and separation.

3. The layered bob

This new shag is still choppy and rough around the edges, but it is softer and more girly than the original. Every woman still feels like a rock star when she wears it. 

4. The modern shag

This cut looks like a bob with big chunks cut out of it to show off the cheeks and earlobes. It has a few long, curved layers at the sides and side-swept ends. 

5. The scooped-out bob

This swim cap-like cut sculpts the head. It's a stylish no-work, no-heat-styling option for anyone who has the guts to try it, is happy with their profile, and has a fairly well-rounded head shape.

6. The short crop

Bob lovers who are undecided about going short might try this cut. The front has lengthy, shaggy bangs, but the sides and nape are trimmed and close cut.

7. The bang-boosting pixie

This crop, which is another short cut with a longer top and shorter sides and back, shows that you can have it both ways.

8. The bi-level crop

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