The 8 Absolute Best Burgers In The US

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The Cheesy Todd

It turns the cheeseburger on its head by using two deep-fried discs of mac and cheese (with bits of bacon and jalapeno, if we may add) in place of the bread.

Henry's Marrow Spiked Burger

If you go to the Lone Star State, you have to try Tex-Mex and BBQ, but Texas also has burgers that are as big as the state. 

Bulgogi Burger

Hole-in-the-wall restaurants tend to make the best burgers, and this one in Cornelius, Oregon, is one of the best. 

Trailer Trash Zombie Burger

The sandwich is a huge cheeseburger filled with all kinds of fried goodness: fried pickles, chicken-fried bacon, cheese curds, and a lot of ranch dressing.

Croque Garcon

The place in Omaha takes inspiration from the French breakfast sandwich to make the burger taste even better. 

Whipper Burger

The specialty menu Whipper Burger is a good introduction to Hawkins. Shaved pastrami and a flayed hot link sausage top the double cheeseburger. 


Compared to this list's sauce-drenched whoppers, the Luger-Burger stands out. There's no lettuce, tomato, or secret sauce.

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