Gray hair looks great with soft waves, smooth chignons, and short hairstyles. With so many beautiful ways to style gray hair, it's never been easier to show off your silver locks.

You can wear this easy-care look at any age. There are many ways to wear it. With this style, it's important to get the right height, so you'll need to tease the top to give it more volume.

Gray pixie

If your hair is straight and getting thin, a bob is a great choice. This haircut for gray hair is easy to do and requires little care, making it perfect for women who are always on the go.

Gray bob

When hair goes gray, it can take on a whole new look and feel. This is because the strands get thicker as they lose color and because your body stops making melanin. 

Gray curls

The bounce and volume that a shag cut gives your gray hair is a great way to show off its different textures. This is possibly one of the less difficult ways to style gray hair.

Gray shag

More room for you to show off your grays with pride! Add long, flowing layers to this gray haircut to give it a little something extra.

Gray medium length and layered

Then don't change them! The best way to show off your color is with long salt and pepper hair. Make sure you trim your long hair regularly to get rid of split end.

Gray long length and layered

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