How to Wear Long Hair Over 50

You can get a similar blowout at home by using a boar bristle brush. These brushes are gentle and great for women with thin hair. 


It's easy for hair to look dull and drab because of things like the weather and using heat styling tools too much.

Flowing Locks

curls that look like they came from a beauty contest.

Barrel Curls

if you want a low-maintenance cut that will still look good after five days without a wash.

 Wavy Mane

Her long hair makes her look young. ponytail a twist by wrapping hair around the base of her updo. This gives her look a quick boost and gives it some oomph. 

High Ponytail

you can turn a ponytail you usually wear to run errands into a stylish hairstyle you could wear on a date night with your husband.

Side Ponytail

When I do laps in the pool, I put conditioner in my swimming cap. In the summer, I like to walk around with it in my hair. 

Glossy Hair

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