How to Create Space Buns in 5 Stylish Ways

When it comes to updos, space buns are a style that stands out. We've shown you how to do fun hairstyles like twisted ponytails, upside-down braids, braided buns, and more.

Now, let's add space buns, which look a bit like old-school pigtails, to the mix. The modern version is very flexible. 

Hope you're ready to take a screenshot or write down these cool new ways to wear pigtails. Find out four ways to wear space buns and still look like an adult, from fun to classy.

 a fashion writer and model, looks stunning with her hair in this classic space bun style. This look is very casual and fun, with a focus on thick, high-up space buns. 

1. Classic Space Buns

You might be able to get away with wearing this to work. Split your dry hair down the middle to make two even parts. Use a cream or oil to smooth and shine the hair's base.

2. Sleek Low Space Buns

Try this updo if you want to do something different with your curly hair than what you do every day. Even if your hair isn't looking its best, this style is perfect.

3. Space Buns on Natural Hair

If you're up for a challenge, add some Dutch twists to your space buns. Before you put your hair up, make some small braids to add the perfect touch to your look.

4. Space Buns with Braids

you don't know how to do tiny Dutch braids but still want to step up your style, try adding some bold accessories.  the cute scrunchie trend because it's easy and works.

5. Space Buns with Scrunchies

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