8 Hairstyles That Will Knock 10 Years Off Your Age

The standard bob gets its name because it never goes out of style. Stick to a blunt edge if your hair is thin, but layers can do wonders for thick or tough hair.

 The Classic Bob 

you get older, your hair gets thinner and loses volume, but a short, choppy, layered cut can make it look like you have more hair. This style also adds width and frames your face.

Short, Choppy Layers

Long hair usually makes you look older, but there are a few rare cases where it doesn't. You want to show off your best features and hide the ones that don't look so good.

Graduated Layers

Side bangs that end between your eyebrow and cheekbone are a good way to hide lines and crow's feet on your forehead. They can also make your cheeks stand out and make your face look wider.

Side Bangs

You have to have a certain face shape to pull off this haircut, but if you do, a pixie cut can make you look ten years younger!

Pixie Cut

As you get older, your face starts to get smaller. A fuller hairdo, on the other hand, can make your face look wider and younger. 

Romantic Waves

With this carefully mixed ash tone, they'll never know. This cut is great for women who want to look younger but don't want to spend a lot of time getting there.

Ash Layers

If you like classics that have been around for a long time, you should try the chignon. The name "chignon" comes from the French word "chignon du cou," which means "nape of the neck."

The Chignon

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