Find What Hair Color Best Suits You, According To Your  Zodiac  Sign

They are willing to take chances in love and can have a lot of passion. So, if burgundy or shiny red colors fit your style, don't be afraid to wear them.


They are also usually calm, able to control their urges, and willing to fight for what they want. A soft rose brown color would look great with these qualities.


The good color for them is yellow. So if it's your sign, you might want to find out if blondes really do have more fun...


They usually have a good gut feeling about things, which helps them decide what to do. Colors that look like the moon, or almost silver, are great for this sign.


They are generally sociable and passionate about life. If you’re a Leo then perhaps give your hair some honey tones or dare to go blonde to reinforce that confidence you have in yourself.


Virgos are known for their ability to analyze, be responsible, use logic, have common sense, and be kind. Light brown or chestnut hair colors go well with Virgo's earthy nature.


Libras have a lot of style, good taste, and tact, so they would look good in a dream color scheme like pale blue or pink.


This sign is known for being mysterious, sensitive, and quiet, among other things. This powerful person would look great in a dark brown, black, or intense red.


This playful sign is kind, active, and hopeful. It would go well with red chestnut tones.


This sign is known for being sure of themselves, shy, and quiet, so dark colors suit them well. For example, a dark tone with a few small highlights.


This sign is known for being sensitive and good with people. They don't mind change and are often strange. A black with a blue tint could be the best pick.


If your skin is more yellow, you should choose a beach blonde, but if it is more pink, you should choose a strawberry blonde.


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