Best Wedding Haircuts For Men

More guys are going for longer, more natural hairstyles these days, since it's often best to let your hair do its own thing. It gives you a cool, classic look.

Famous Waves

A basic modern haircut is always a good choice. Something with a part in the middle, side cuts made with scissors, and some length on top. It should be possible to knock it down."

The Leading Part

A mid-length afro lets the hair's natural texture show through, so you don't have to pick it to get volume. 

Short Afro

The difference between a buzz cut you do yourself and one you get from a barber is that it's not all the same length. 

Controlled Buzz

"A curling cream is a simple way to make your hair look better. They work for all lengths of hair and don't have much strength, but they help give hair shape.

Waves on Top

Slicked-back hair is one of the most classic special occasion styles for men, but it’s all about what product you use. 

The Slick-Back

If you usually use a matte clay or paste, moving to a shiny pomade for your wedding is the easiest and least time-consuming way to step things up.

Shine On

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