9 Trendiest Hairstyles On TikTok And Instagram

You can do an elegant, simple twist for your Zoom meetings or a looser, more casual updo to make it look like going to the grocery store isn't the most exciting. 

1. Claw Clip Updo

Are you looking forward to seeing the Powerpuff Girls in real life? This simple and easy look will help you get in touch with your inner Bubbles. 

2. Half Up, Half Down Pigtails

It takes less than five minutes and looks great whether the hair is in a high ponytail or just hanging loose. 

3. Front Row Braids

The mullet was the least expected throwback hairdo to return. The wolf cut—Zayn's "business in the front, party in the back" hairstyle—has returned to public notice.

4. Wolf Cut

You can't really mess up choppy bangs because that's how they're supposed to look. If your bangs aren't too short to curl, you can curl them.

5. Choppy Bangs

Get a do-it-yourself kit with instructions online, and don't be scared of the tools you'll need, like a pulling needle hook, pliers, and beads, to keep your extensions in place.

6. Feather Extensions

It looks like the Disney movie Cruella had a beauty effect. In the movie, Emma Stone's character wears her hair in a half-and-half way that has become a style icon for many. 

7. Half & Half

Courtney Love may have criticized Olivia Rodrigo's prom-themed album cover. The epidemic may have prevented two generations of high schoolers from attending proms.

8. Prom Updo

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