Most Popular Box Braids Hairstyles Of 2023

This is as easy as box braids get. This style is nearly regular because of the middle part with medium box braids. 

1. Simple Medium Box Braids

This set of box braids gives your hairstyle a boost. With this half-up ponytail, channel your inner 90s teen girl. The 90s look with box braids is charming and sensual.

2. Tied Up Medium Box Braids

This is yet another hairdo with box braids that shows how elegant and sophisticated you are. This style of braids is popular with both regular women and celebrities.

3. Beautiful Box Braids Hairstyle

Even more people will like it, and it will look cool. This long bob with big box braids is a good example.

4. Long Bob With Box Braids

Because they look clean and don't have knots at the head, and because they are a great way to keep hair from getting too tangled when braiding.

5. Knotless Box Braids

Don't worry if you aren't okay with a lot of color in your natural hair. You can still add color to your box braids to make them more interesting. 

6. Crochet Box Braids In Burgundy

We already knew that Queen Elsa was blonde, but still. Something about having snow-white hair says a lot about how pretty a snow queen you are.

7. Crochet Box Braids With White Extensions

So much can change with the right items. This set of medium box braids is a good example.

8. Box Braids With Accessories

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