9  Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Grey Hair

1. Grey Hair Voluminous Flowy Look

This long, thick hair will make you look feminine, and it flows really well. If you like beautiful cuts and want your hair to stand out and have more volume.

If you like braids and wear them often, you will like this easy change. Let your gray hair show, and use the right bobby pin to keep it in place.

2. Grey Hair Braid Look

Know that this look is easy to pull off if your hair is naturally thick and short. You can wear it to both official and casual events.

3. Pixie Cut Grey Hair

This haircut is for you if your hair is naturally gray and you want to show it off. It's perfect for women who like retro styles that are easy to care for.

4. Messy Short Grey Hair

This haircut is perfect for women who love taking care of themselves and for those who don't mind the maintenance.

5. Lob Cut Grey Hair

You can dye your hair black and then let your grays show through over time. If you like two-color hairstyles and black and grey are your best colors, this is the look for you!

6. Grey Long Hair

It's an odd color combination, but it looks great on women who like to stand out and on women who like to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

7. Wavy Hair Light Grey Look

this look will be easy for you to pull off. Make sure you look like a real lady by putting all of these things together.

8. Grey Hair Bob Look With Highlights

This long pixie cut is great for people who like shorter styles and pixie cuts. If you like gray hair or bangs, you will like this style.

9. Short Grey Hair With Bangs

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