11 Best ’50s Hairstyles for Long Hair to Swoon Over

it's easier than it looks to pull off this look. After you wash and dry your hair, roll each side into a French roll.

1. Victory Rolls

The sleek, high ponytail has been a standard for many decades for a reason. The flipped-in ends of the ponytail give this look a retro touch.

2. Sleek High Ponytail

This is a style for long hair from the 1950s that says "power!" When we look at this style, we can't help but think of the famous Rosie the Riveter character.

3. Bandana Updo

We like fringe styles, but there's something special about the way a retro bumper bang looks. To get this look, use a hair sponge or foam brush to fill in the space under your bangs.

4. Bumper Bangs

Every girl has a time when she wants to look really fancy for a special event. Try your hand at this gorgeous curl style that says "bombshell!" 

5. Glam Vintage Curls

This retro hairdo of a curled bang and a bandana updo is likely something you've seen before. This look is great for people who really want to dress like they did in the past. 

6. Curled Bangs

We couldn't finish this list without including one of the most famous looks of the 1950s.Pin curls were all the rage in the 50s. 

7. 50s Hair Pin Curls

Simply tease your hair at the head, set it with a texturizing spray, and comb your hair over the bump to smooth it out.

8. The Pomp-Inspired Straight ‘Do

This headpiece from the past is so stylish that there's no reason not to wear it now. Make big curls around this full-piece headband to give the look more volume.

9. Full Piece Headband 50s Hair

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