8 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles

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We're not talking about classes or studying; we're talking about cute hairstyles for high school that will make your new friends take notice.

Want a look you can wear every day of the week? You can mix and match based on your mood or plan ahead. 

You can curl your hair with a curling wand, or you can go to sleep with a big braid and wake up with wavy hair.

1. Celtic Knot Style

Wake up with curls from the night before, touch them up, and add a shine gloss to make your hair sparkle in the morning.

2. Half-Up Hairbow

This popular half-up, half-down galaxy bun is a great way to stand out. Use loose waves that are both stylish and easy to do. 

3. Half-Down Space Buns

Monday morning, use a curling iron to make big, girly braids, but only twist the hair from the middle down. Make a beautiful half-up, half-down look with clear rubber bands.

4. Curly Pull-Through Braid

This french fishtail braid starts in the middle of her hair and goes to the side. It then wraps around in a bun behind her ear.

5. Relaxed Fishtail Updo

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