8 Timeless Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

This might be the right style for you if you want to be brave and go from long hair to a shorter cut. A blunt cut with slight face framing breaks up the straight look around the face.

A Blunt Cut

With a short cut like a pixie, you can let the curls do the work. Ask for all of your hair to be the same length to match this look.

Curly Pixie Cut

Adding depth to a short cut gives you more options for how to style it for different events. Plus, who doesn't like that a pixie cut is fun?

Polished Pixie

A bob haircut will always be a classic style. You can add volume and interest to your hair by switching from a long haircut to an asymmetrical bob.

Asymmetrical Bob

You can also make your new hair more interesting, moveable, and full by getting a lob with a lot of volume. This long bob with an undercut is beautiful and dramatic enough.

Voluminous Lob

For women with fine hair, a chin bob can frame their face and make their cheeks look better. Also, wispy bangs are much easier to style than harsh or curtain bangs.

Chin Bob

A classic bob is ideal for women with fine or thin hair who want volume yet prefer their hair cut away from their face.

Classic Bob

A pixie cut has been popular for a long time. Ask for enough length on the top so you can sweep it up and back to make the body.

Textured Pixie

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