8 Stunning White Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2023

We should start with the most noticeable look, which is a full head of white hair. Use a clear color-depositing conditioner if you want your white color to really shine.

All Over White

Platinum blonde hair isn't quite as white as real white hair, but it's just as beautiful. We love how this color looks with fair skin. 

Platinum Blonde

Frosted blonde hair has gray hues that give it a moodier look than white hair. The little bits of gray make the color shine and reflect more. 

Frosted Blonde

This high-shine shade offers an even more metallic finish than traditional white hair. 

Pearl White

If a full head of white hair seems too harsh for you, ask your stylist for lowlights, which will tone down the color while giving your hair a lot of depth. 

White Hair With Lowlights

We used to cringe at the thought of letting our dark roots show, but now we love them more than ever. If you want to spend less time touching up your hair, choose a white color with noticeable roots. 

Rooted White

We’re obsessed with the way white highlights contrast a honey blonde base. 

Honey Blonde

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