7 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

This haircut is a simple way for brides with a lot of hair to keep it out of their face and still look elegant.


A middle part that is slicked back into a big, long, curly ponytail is pure beauty and sophistication.

Sleek Ponytail

In a French twist hairdo, hair from one side of the head (either the right or left) is twisted in the back of the head, and sometimes more twists are pinned to the twist.

French Twist

Use products to shape your natural curls and let them fall as they want to. A veil is the last piece of the perfect wedding day outfit.

Natural With a Veil

For a chic, boho touch, weave flowers through your hair. Parts of the sides are pulled back and decorated with flowers in the back, while other parts fall around the bride's face.

Fun Florals

Pin curls loosely into an updo and let them fall on their own. Pins with decorations add beauty and style to the event.

Loose Updo

Wear your hair as it is and use a cap to pull it back. For a little something extra, choose one with a little sparkle.

Add a Headband

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