7 Romantic Medieval Hairstyles That Still Slay Today for over 50

A Dutch braid goes through the middle of a curled bun that is rolled up and held in place with pins over the seam. Use a fancy barrette to hide the ends.

1. Braided Updo

This clever, modern take on medieval hair buns starts with a simple three-strand knot in a half-ponytail.

2. Coiled

Fits right in with the queenly style of the time. Check out our guide to making a halo braid. Also, if you want to go for a country core look, this style works.

3. Halo Crown

Two braids of different sizes make a pretty headband effect. We love how different this look is!

4. Dual Braided Bun

This updated version of the classic crown braid is perfect for date night.

5. Fishtail Halo

Medieval women only covered their foreheads with jewels, headbands, or imitation flowers, but this magnificent four-strand headband plait might have changed their views.

6. Forehead Four-Strand

This Celtic-inspired style is made by first making two standard braids and then pinning them to the head in a figure-eight shape.

7. Infinity

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