8 Mother of the Bride Hairstyles Perfect for the Big Day

Try one of the mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair, like loose curls, for a laid-back look that still looks put together. 

1. Loosely Curled Blowout

This sleek and polished look is a very stylish way for a mother of the bride with short hair to wear her hair. Ask your hairdresser to make your bob haircut. 

2. Super Sleek Stacked Bob

This type of haircut for the mother of the bride is pretty easy to do because you start by washing, drying, and styling your hair the way you usually do. 

3. Pinned Back Perfection

you can change your look by changing the way your hair falls. Putting a pixie cut on backwards makes it look instantly beautiful and is great for the hair of the mother. 

4.  Swept Back Pixie

Thin hair may seem hard to add volume to, but with the right tips and tools, it's not hard at all. This style looks best on hair that is a day old. 

5. Straight Lob

An updo with twists is a standard wedding hairstyle that looks great on medium-length to long hair. Make a low ponytail with your hair after you brush it. 

6. Twisted Updo

You can change up your signature bob haircut for your wedding day by giving it a messy look. Curl small pieces of hair with a curling iron and comb them through for a natural.

7. Tousled Bob

If you already have your hair cut into a wedge bob like this, you're in luck. This haircut looks good for any event. 

8. Super Short Wedge Bob

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