8 Hot Dreadlock Hairstyles for over 30

Don't let the fact that dreads look simple fool you. There are many hairstyles you can try to keep your hair looking good and safe.

1. Side-Swept Braided Dreads.

intricately braided twists, this style makes the front of the hair flat, which shows off the volume and texture of the golden-brown bun sitting proudly on the head.

2. Browny Dreads in Puff Hairstyle.

A mix of thick and thin twists and swirls gives this chic style a new look. Everyone will be fascinated and can't stop looking at your complicated haircut.

3. Dreaded Halo with Highlights.

After trying different things with your hair, you may want to just let it grow out and keep it healthy. The best haircuts for this are ones that are short and have a lot of edge.

4. Short Dreadlocks

This is a great way for students to dress because it lets them be creative and gives them a few extra inches of height.

5. Yarn Dreads in Two High Buns.

Let's see if there are any new and interesting loc styles for fashion-forward women who will do anything to make a statement with their dreads. 

7. Mohawk with Loopy Dreadlocks.

many creative ways for girls with dreadlocks to style their hair, and this one is on the  simple, but it works  side. Small dreads can be styled in a lot of different ways.

8. Blonde Swirly Dread Bun.

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