8 Hairstyles Perfect For The Summer Bride

Summer is when spring flowers are in full bloom and the days are longer and warmer, so it's a natural choice for a wedding. It's not surprising that summer is the most popular time for weddings.

And since the weather is so nice, you have a lot of ways to style your hair for an easygoing summer look. 

Brides who don't want their hair (or the sun) in their faces can tie it up in a high bun on top of their heads for a new take on an old style.

The Golden Bun

A side sweep keeps your hair out of your face and shows off your beautiful curls in a smart way. You can finish off your look with a striking hat or bring out your curls in an old-fashioned.

Side Sweep

For a boho-chic style, loosely braid your hair and add greenery and baby's breath. Spring and summer blooms offer a unique bridal design that matches your outdoor wedding.

Pony Up

A simple twist of your front layers to the back is all you need to keep your hair out of your face and keep the flow for an elegant wedding style.

A Casual Twist

Give your hair the attention it deserves if you're thinking of getting a new haircut before your wedding or if you already have edgy short hair.

Rock The Chop

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