10 Haircuts Just Long Enough To Fit Into A Ponytail

These fun, shoulder-length curls can be pulled up into a pineapple shape. Get a hair tie and gather your curls loosely on top of your head.

Natural Curls

Even if your bob is just long enough, you can pull it back off your neck and tie it into a ponytail. Let the front parts hang down or use barrettes or bobby pins to keep them in place.

One-Length Bob

You can still pull these easy layers back into a ponytail if you don't mind a little fringe in the front, which is popular right now.

Boho Fringe

A blunt-cut bob that is a little longer is both easy and cool. Bring your bob back into a ponytail.

Blunt Lob

These long layers are the cut that gives you the most freedom, and they are more likely to end up in a ponytail. Even if they don't, leaving out a few wisps will look good.

Face-Framing Layers

The reversed bob, which makes any face shape look slimmer and better, doesn't have to have the back cut very short.

Inverted Bob

Girls with naturally curly hair don't have to worry about adding a lot of layers to give it volume, but baby bangs are a cute way to change things up.

Curls With Baby Bangs

If you want a choppy, textured look, make sure the shortest layers can be pulled back into a ponytail or put behind your ears.

Layered Lob

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