8 Gorgeous Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 40

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If your hair shines like the sun, you'll always feel like it's summer.

1. Big Sun-Kissed Curls.

A long cut that works in waves is likely one of the most popular haircuts for young people. It will really make you look 10 years younger.

2. Perfect for Summer.

When it's summer, you need a loose hairdo. You'll always look your best with a short to medium cut and free waves.

3. Loose Curls.

A new way to wear your short hair? Add some blonde ice for a cool look that's perfect for summer.

4. Icy Blonde.

Everyone will know you're ready for summer if your hair is all brown and cut in long layers.

5. Blonde Layered Cut. 

You can wear this basic cut to work and then pull it back for an evening event.

6. Work-Ready Shoulder Length Style. 

A fun way to style short hair is to give it a curved shape and more body around the crown.

7. Voluminous Bob Over 40.

A shag haircut looks great in a bright color like purple, dark pink, or burgundy.

8. Pack a Punch.

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