8 Face-Slimming Hairstyles for Women Over 50 and Overweight

1. Feathered Shag Haircut. 

Well, that depends on how you style your hair. Adding layers to the top to give it some height makes your face look longer. 

2. Short Blonde Hair.

If a woman is big and has a round face, blonde hair is a big plus. One of the best haircuts for overweight women over 50 is a shag that is about medium length.

3. Feminine Feathered Hairstyle.

A great way for an overweight woman over 50 to slim down her hair is to get a medium cut with curled, flipped-up layers. 

4. Medium Hair with Swoopy Layers.

This style of stacked, shiny hair with flipped-up ends is great for older, heavier women. Why? Texture, layers, and color all work together to make a beautifu.

5. Plus-Size Wavy Hairstyle. 

This style is a great example of how curly hairstyles for fat women with round faces can look good on women with dark blonde hair and a cloud of curls at the ends.

Ash Blonde Midi Hairstyle with Lowlights.

The saying "life begins at 40" isn't just a cliche; prove it to yourself by trying one of these cool hairstyles for over-40 and overweight divas.

8. Neck-Length Lifted Shag to Look Slimmer.

Hairstyles for overweight women help you look younger and slimmer by framing your face and drawing attention away from chubby cheeks, double chins, etc.

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