Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Guests That'll Work for Every Dress Code

Easy Half-Up Style

We love the reliable half-up so much. Just twist two pieces of hair from each side and use a clear band to hold them in place. 

Simple Chignon

This wedding haircut is the best way to say, "I'm late," and we don't mind. You can find a step-by-step guide for a chignon here.

Pull-Through Braid Updo

With this beautiful style, your bright red hair will really stand out. With a pull-through braid, you can do more than just a low bun.

Braided Bob

Here's proof that you don't need long hair to pull off a braided style. A quick braid will make your bob look more wedding-ready.

Romantic Topknot

It's your version of a messy bun for a wedding, and you get extra points for adding a stylish bun cuff. If you want to show off the top of your dress, this is a good way to do it.

Curly Side Braid

Curly girls can also join in the fun. Start with a vertical French braid, then pull it into a low side ponytail.

Colorful Pins

This simple bun with colored pins brings the party to the reception like nothing else. Add a pair of earrings that stand out? Now it's time to talk.

Wrapped Mid-Pony

Make your ponytail bigger and fuller, and you'll be ready for the gathering. Leave a piece of hair out from under the ponytail so you can wrap it around the band when you're done.

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