8 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair

A standard cut for women with long hair is the "V" shape. Focusing on layers adds more depth because shorter pieces at the front fall into longer pieces. 

1. Reddish Brown Style with Long V-Cut Layers

A broad, long, U-shaped cut highlights thickness and density. By adding long layers, you can make your hair look finished and sleek, while short, choppy 

2. Mid-Back Brown U-Cut with Swoopy Layers

One of the best ways to make long hair look great is to cut it in layers. Ask for cuts that are short, medium, and long all the way through your hair.

3. Short, Medium, and Long Layers

With long layers and curled ends, this cut gives you a sleek, stylish texture and shine without taking away any length. The idea is to give your hair shape and movement.

4. Straight and Chic

This is the ideal goal for any woman with long hair who wants a sleek, chic cut with body and movement. The secret ingredient is the mix of layers.

5. Multi-Layered Mix

Since you have to build up the texture and fullness of long, straight, layered hair, it generally takes more care and upkeep than curly hair.

6. Waist-Length Brunette Hair with Textured Layers

This haircut is great for someone who doesn't want to lose any length and would rather have the appearance of layers than real ones.

7. Long Hair with Subtle Layers

Long hair can sometimes look dull or heavy if it doesn't have healthy layers. Layers are a natural way to show the structure of long hair. 

8. Long Waves

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