8 Bold & Beautiful Hairstyles for Lesbian

I adore having my hair cut short. When I first came out, one of the first things my best friend said to me was, "Let's chop your hair."

The Hottest Short

A short choppy bob is an excellent first-time lesbian hairdo. As I already stated, it was the first hairdo I wore after coming out, and I adored it.

The Short Choppy Bob

With sides and back cropped in and a sweeping combover to one side, you can style this stylish tomboy hairstyle however you like.

The Short Side Comb

The pixie cut is most likely the most popular short hairdo. Not only is it popular among lesbians, but it is also popular with many straight girls.

The Short Pixie Cut

It's daring, edgy, and right on style. And if you want to look like a gay while still being a woman, this is a great style to go for.

The Messy Undercut

Pixie bowl cuts have evolved since the early 90s. This style can now be gentle or edgy.

The Pixie Bowl Cut

Another of my favorite tomboy haircuts is the fade. While a fade is traditionally associated with guys, it may also look fantastic on women.

The Fade

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