8 Best Summer Beauty Tips To Try for Over 30

Try not to put on too much makeup. Any makeup artist will tell you that having perfect beauty isn't about having "perfect eyes" or "perfect lips." Instead, it's all about having even skin tone.

It's All About the Skin

There are a lot of orange women out and about these days, which is a shame because there are so many great self-tanners that look very natural.

Pick the Right Self-Tanner

I watched hopelessly for years as my eyeshadow melted into the crease of my eyelids by noon.

Keep Your Makeup From Melting Off Your Skin

 Fake eyelashes. 
A light, pink lip gloss.
BB cream.

The Four Makeup Items to Embrace

Dewy skin is gorgeous. Don't put too much powder on your face because you think it will look like a grease pit. Try blotting paper instead.

Don't Be Afraid of Shine

If you're going to be showing off your toes this summer, consider painting your nails a fun, vibrant color.

Go for a Bold Nail Polish

Wax, not shave, your bikini line. Shaving can cause razor bumps and itchy red rashes, whereas waxing removes hair and keeps it off for much longer.

Wax Your Bikini Line

The sun, salt, and chlorine will convert colored hair into a rainbow of colors. Rinse your hair with water before entering chlorinated or salt water to protect your investment.

Colored Hair Needs Protecting

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