7 Wedding Nail Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Wispy Lines

If you want a more fun design, do what this bride did and use white paint to make an abstract design on your nails.

Daisy Details

Spring brides should pay attention to this manicure. For the big day, this woman gave herself a nude manicure with small daisy nail art.

Leafy Accents

This bride gave her middle and ring fingers a white leafy pattern while giving her other nails a plain French manicure.

Pretty in Peach

The color is riskier than a standard light pink, but it won't draw attention away from the rest of your outfit. 

Patterned Neutrals

You don't have to put yourself in a box! Follow this bride's lead and try a few nail art styles that use neutral colors like beige, white, and cream.

Pop of Coral

Try a bright coral manicure that will really stand out on the big day. If you're going on your vacation to a tropical place, the bright color is also the perfect color to bring with you.

Dainty Designs

They won't steal too much attention from the rest of your outfit, but when seen up close, they'll make a great statement.

Classic Wedding White

The standard wedding white color says "bride" better than anything else. To keep white nail paint from looking streaky, start with a base coat that fills in ridges.

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