7 Swag Hairstyles for Black Guys With Long Hair

1. Black Men Bun Hairstyle

A half top knot is an easy way to stand out from the crowd that doesn't require too much upkeep. Women like black men with buns. No joke.

2. Long Box Braids with Fade

Black men When someone has long hair, not all of it has to be long. The way the fade curves makes it feel like something from Samoa.

3. Long Natural Black Male Hair

This outfit looks like it came from a sad rocker. Or could it just be the old jacket? Anyway, long black hair that is well-cared for looks great.

4. Long Black Micro Dreads

Somebody has been patient! It must have taken years for his hair to get that long. Still, it's so smooth and well-kept that it doesn't look wild and straggly.

5. Natural Black Hair

Black boys like to wear a simple, basic fro when they are young. Use only a wide-tooth comb to keep your hair from breaking and getting dry.

6. Long Pulled Back Dreads

Long haircuts and hairstyles, like dreadlocks, can be perfect or look natural and messy. The way these dreads are styled and how they look in general give off a hippie vibe.

7. Long Intricate Cornrows

At some point, every black man should try cornrows with lots of braids. Most expert braiders are so fast that it doesn't take as long as you might think.

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