7 Super-Cute Braided Hairstyles To Rock This Week

Get great hair for seven days. One of these fun braided styles will make you look ah-mazing whether you're going to class or to the mall. Even better, they are very simple.

Have a pretty start to the week! Before you blow-dry your hair, spray it with a curl activator to make waves that last all day.

Monday: Flirty Halo Braid

 First, put smoothing cream on dry hair. Split the hair around your face into four parts, and pull the rest of it back into a ponytail. 

Tuesday: Crossed Plaits Ponytail

If you're running late, try a quick side braid that looks cute. For a thicker braid, put a quarter-sized amount of mousse on dry hair.

Wednesday: Side Spiral Braid

Update your hairstyle from yesterday with a topknot with tiny braids. Apply dry shampoo to the roots to get rid of extra oil, then pull hair up into a high pony.

Thursday: Sweet Accents Braids

For a fun night out, try this braid with bands. First, make a bun with the hair on top of your head. Then, braid your hair and add colored bands every two inches or so.

Friday: Textured Braid

With a fishtail, you can look effortlessly cool at a Saturday show. Make an open low ponytail and split it into two parts.

Saturday: Distressed Fishtail

This shiny side style will make your trip to the mall a little more stylish. Make a Dutch knot by beginning right above your ear.

Sunday: Sleek Dutch Braid

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