7 Instagrammers to Follow for Hair Style Inspiration

we've got the 7 Instagrammers you need to follow for gorgeous going out hair, from long hair to short hair, braids to bobs, updos to the grandest ta-da's! Are you ready to tap twice? Let's start...

We love how fun Amber is with her hair accessories and how many different ways she can style her long hair with clip-in extensions, from braids to simple, messy buns.


Big crush on this girl. Taylor LaShae is hard to describe because she is an actress, model, social media influencer, and for sure a leader. 


Sarah's account is filled of beautifully coifed updos, half-up styles, breathtaking blowouts, and the greatest natural curls we've ever seen.


@KayleyMelissa is a beauty and hairstyle vlogger on YouTube. If you're looking for a lot of beautiful braid lessons, you don't have to look any further.


This feed has stunning natural hair photos. Chime displays beautiful hairstyles and practical hair ideas with product reviews and tutorials, from updos to au naturel.


Christina Butcher has pink hair and curly girl style. She covers everything from loose chignons and tighter updos to every type of boho braid, with step-by-step tutorials on her YouTube .


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