6 Fat-Burning Exercises You Need To Lose Weight

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For this first exercise, you will stand with your back straight and your feet shoulder-width apart. You should have your arms by your sides.


You'll start by putting your feet either hip-width or shoulder-width apart. To sit back into a squat, bend both knees and hinge your hips back.


Interval training gives your metabolism a big boost and can help you build some muscle, but the main goal is to burn calories and get in shape.


Start by standing up straight with a barbell a few inches away from your shins. Your feet should be about the width of your hips apart. Keep your back straight and squeeze shoulder back . 

Squat to Press

For the squat-to-press, you'll hold two dumbbells above your shoulders. Your feet should be about the width of your shoulders apart, and your toes should be just a little bit turned out.

Renegade Row

For the renegade row, put two kettlebells about the width of your shoulders apart. Take the handles in your hands and do a pushup.

Mountain Climbers

Last but not least, mountain climbers are one of the best ways to lose weight. Put your feet on boards or discs that can slide.

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