10 Curly Hair Tips for Well-Defined Curls

Shampoo in the Shower

This is the best way (besides a salon sink) to wash and condition your hair because it keeps your curls pointed down. The more you touch curly hair.

Keep Hair Well-Moisturized

Keeping curls wet is one of the best ways to make sure they stay well-defined. Not with oils, but by washing, treating, and deep conditioning your hair regularly.

Apply Products While Wet

to style your hair, it should be as wet as possible. Do not dry your hair with a towel after washing and conditioning. In fact, don't touch your hair with a towel at all.

Divide Hair into Sections

To make sure that hair products cover all of your hair, you'll need to divide it into sections. This could be anywhere from two to eight pieces, depending on how thick it is. 

If You Scrunch, Scrunch With Care

Most of the time, scrunching is for wavy hair that is trying to become curled. Once you've put products in your hair and combed it to your liking.

Use Good Quality Products

Kinky-Curly and Aunt Jackie's are popular among curl lovers because they work. DevaCurl and Ouidad products work with all types of curly hair. 

After Products are Applied, Leave Hair Alone

After applying hair products and combing or finger-combing, leave your style alone. Don't touch those curls—air dry or diffuse. 

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