7 Breakfast Habits Making You Gain Weight

Skipping breakfast

If you skip breakfast or don't eat a balanced breakfast that's high in fiber and has a moderate amount of protein and carbs, you could gain weight quickly.

Getting too many calories from coffee

Adding fancy coffee drinks, creamers, or other things to coffee without keeping track of it can lead to weight gain.

Going out for a sit-down breakfast

Even if you eat sausage and eggs at a restaurant once in a while, it might not stop you from losing weight. However, if you eat out for breakfast.

Not reading labels

Some granolas have as much added sugar as a bowl of ice cream, and a protein bar can have more calories than a candy bar.

Eating straight from the cereal box

Yes, mornings can be crazy, but if they're so crazy that you have to eat straight out of the cereal box, it's probably time to set your alarm for a little earlier.

Eating in your car

When you're driving, there are so many things going on that it's easy to lose track of what you're eating. 

Drinking fruit juice

Even though some fruit juices are full of nutrients, drinking your calories doesn't usually make you feel full. Also, most fruit juices have a lot of sugar.

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