6 Tips To Make Your Fried Fish Taste As If You Ordered It From A Pub

Restaurants nationwide serve delicious fish fries. While eating out is great, more foodies are eating in. You can make your pub-favorite fried fish at home.

How do professional chefs make the batter so crunchy and light? Which oil and how much? The difference between limp, greasy fried fish and crunchy, addictive fries is huge.

However, improper coating, oil temperature, or equipment can ruin fried fish. There are also many ways to improve flavor and texture. 

1. Mix a light and crispy batter

There's nothing worse than a fish fillet whose batter is heavy, soggy, and, in the end, greasy.

2. Get the oil hot enough

Professional kitchens that cook for a lot of people have not only special tools, but also big pots and fryers.

3. Cook for the right amount of time

If you're good at cooking, you might prefer not to set a timer and just go with the flow.

4. Add a special ingredient to the batter

Chefs use all kinds of little tricks to make their food taste better. And what's great is that they are usually easy ideas that you can try at home.

5. Use the right oil for frying

There are so many different types of oil to choose from that it can be downright confusing to know which one to choose. 

6. Make fish nuggets

Chowing down on some fried fish in a pub is so much more relaxed than in a fine-dining restaurant.

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