6 Hair Mistakes To Avoid For Aging Gracefully

Getting older naturally means taking care of ourselves in many ways. Health and happiness are important to Southern women, so they like to feel good and look good at the same time.

 Making small changes to your beauty routines over time is a surefire way to accept your natural beauty and aging without giving up your signature look.

Aside from making sure you're not tanning and instead wearing a hat, there are many easy ways to improve and protect your best features, like your hair.

Long hair can pull your facial features down like gravity, and who wants an anti-facelift? Split ends and dryness from heat, sun, and product build-up can hide in the extra length.

Letting Your Hair Get Too Long

As we get older, it can be tempting to quickly cover gray hair with a wash of dark brown or black. However, this can have the opposite effect of making your skin look duller.

Going To Dark

Bleach yellow is definitely out of style. This should go without saying. This is especially true for older hair that is already prone to loss and dryness.

Going Too Light

When you use too many different products at once, they can build up in your hair and make it heavy, which pulls your hair down and your face down with it. 

Using Too Many Products

Damage can be hard to avoid once you start coloring your hair and using heat to style it. This is especially true in the South, where heat and humidity can cause a lot of frizz.

Ignoring Damage

There is no longer any shame in having naturally silver hair, and we couldn't be happy about that. Skipping those extra trips to the hair shop to get your hair colored is good for your hair.

Not Embracing Gray

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