5 Tips for Wearing Pastels If You're Over 60

Florals and white jeans are probably in your spring wardrobe, but pastels are also a classic look for this time of year.

As we get older, though, we might want to move away from these lighter colors that seem less forgiving. 

Style experts say that if you are over 60 and have been afraid to try colors, it's time to take the plunge.

Choose the right pastel for your complexion.

Start with neutrals.

The lifestyle website Midlife In Style says that adding neutral pieces is another way to wear colors as you age.

Add a bold color.

You can also mix pastels with a bold hue. Foster recommends "very elegant" jewel tones like a lavender top and dark purple bottom.

Introduce accessories.

Thorp pairing a peach shirt or powder blue sweater with a "shiny silver strappy sandal, a gold clutch, or layered mixed metal jewelry" to "warm up" a pastel-forward style.

Keep it simple.

"Pastels are always a good choice for older women, especially if you want to soften your look or give your skin a more young glow."

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