5 Tips for Wearing Jeans If You're Over 60

Denim is the most basic material, and once you find a pair of jeans you love, they'll be a staple in your closet for years to come. It's not always easy to find that right pair, though.

This is true at any age, but older women may find it harder because so many brands sell to younger people these days. 

So, we talked to fashion stylists to get the skinny (no pun meant) on jeans for people over 60. Read on to learn about shape, color, and other things.

Pay attention to pockets.

The last thing you might notice about a pair of jeans is the back pockets, but stylists say they can make a big difference.

Choose dark washes.

The first rule of fashion is to wear what makes you feel good, and if that's a pair of white or lighter-wash pants, that's great!

Go with a high waist.

the other hand, high-waist pants are the opposite. "As we age, high-rise waists look better because they make our legs look longer and hide muffin tops at the same time.

Invest in a staple pair of boot-cut jeans.

The standard bootleg cut is the one that looks good on everyone. "It looks good on all body types because of its classic shape, full-length skir ."

Be mindful when shopping.

Different brands have very different sizes, so experts say you shouldn't go shopping with a number in mind. 

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