5 Tips For Wearing Heels Over 65, According to Doctors

After almost two years of Zoom meetings without shoes, we're slowly putting on shoes again for work and going out.

Styles of shoes have become more open in recent years, even before Covid. This gives women a lot more freedom when picking shoes for any event.

But even though heels aren't required to look put together anymore, many women still choose them when they want to look taller and more polished.

Learn the particulars of foot health.

Women over the age of 65 who wear heels may develop plantar fasciitis, hip pain, and lower back pain. Choose shoes with a soft cushion and shorter heels than you normally wear."

Find a supportive heel that fits just right.

Your balance will be greatly affected if your heel is pressed to the back of your shoe .there is a considerable space between your heel and the ball of your foot."

Add comfort aids.

Shoe pads and other plush modifications can significantly improve comfort.

Try wedges, platforms, and kitten heels.

Heels are nice, but you can only wear them with clothes that don't steal the show.You can't wear a big fur coat or clothes that look heavy.

Be sure to give your feet a break

Break in new shoes slowly. Wear them about the house for an hour each day until they feel comfortable.

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