4 Tips For a Strong Relationship with Your Daughter-in-law

I'd like to try to answer the question of why there is tension in the connection. Even when they have grandchildren, moms will always be moms.

Mothers Are Always Mothers

When our son gets married, we often feel like we move to the back seat, second place, or even the total background of his life.

We are going through menopause when our children are getting married. We are going through the "empty nest" feeling and learning what retirement is really like.

Change is a Huge Issue

We have to deal with illnesses we've picked up along the way. Our feelings of loss may be the cherry on top of the cake.

If a mother doesn't see her son's new girlfriend as a possible future wife and daughter-in-law, trouble can start as soon as the relationship starts. 

Start the Relationship with Your Daughter-in-Law Early

Even if the relationship got off to a bad start, it is still possible to get it back on track and make it into a happy one.

The rules have changed for mothers-in-law. They need to stop pushing the limits and follow the rules, even if they don't agree with them or think they're silly.

Respect the Boundaries

This person is special to your son. Now, she is his family. It's important for him to take a step back and see how important his marriage and the circle of life are.

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