We can wear this soft, girly look well into our 50s. Leave a small piece of hair on one or both sides of your face to softly frame your face.

Updo with Swirls

This stylish style looks great on medium-length to long hair. Curl your hair and softly pin it behind your head. 

Soft Back Bun with Curls

Short bobs will never go out of style. You'll look great and stylish at the event if you part your hair on the side and give it more volume.

Short Side Part Bob

If you have longer hair, gently slide it into a high ponytail and add a hairpiece for a full-looking updo.

Curls Updo Bun

This is a very chic and classy way to style your short or medium-length hair for a wedding. Use a cream on your hair to keep it in place and stop it from flying around.

Slick Pulled Back Style

Beehives have been popular for a long time and still are. Amy Whinehouse, who has since died, brought the beehive back into fashion many years ago.

Chic Beehive

Pull your hair back into a bun and add a feather hair accessory to glamorize your look.

Accessorize with a Feather

A simple flower on one side can make a big difference in how you look. You can put a real flower in your hair or buy a flower hair clip.

Simple Side Flower

Messy hairstyles are very popular and often seen at events like weddings. The "messy" look is actually just well-placed pieces of hair that give you a casual look.

Messy Updo with Bangs

This is a very traditional way to do your hair for a wedding. Put your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck and add flowers to it.

Chic Low Bun

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