10 Natural Hairstyles for Women Over 50 to Style Easily at Home

Sleek Bun

A bun is always a good choice. Pull your hair to the back of your head and pin it or use a silk hair tie to keep it there.

Short Afro Curls

This short style is easy to manage, so think about it if you don't have much time to spend on your hair. 

Classic Afro

The afro is always in style. Use an afro comb to pick at your hair until you have a big cloud of hair sitting above and around your head.

Light Brown Dreads

Dreadlocks are also a protective style, and they can be worn in many different ways. You can do different things with your hair if you have dreads.

Buzz Cut

Some older women find it easier to get a buzz cut than to keep their natural hair long. It gets rid of the need for styles that are hard to use or that protect.

Thick Loose Look

Women over 50 who have hair that curls more loosely can wear it a little longer if they want to. The medium-length style up above is a good example of this.

Long Ombre Locks

Black women over 50 can still wear styles that are popular among younger people. Ombres are always in style, and they can really help you stand out.

Tiny Grey Twists

When you twist the strands of your natural hair, your coils stand out more and are easier to control and get out of knots.

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